Youth & Adult Programs / Services

Kids Feet

For information on any of these programs, contact the Community Services Department at 403-227-7744.

Information & Referrals

We can help you:

• get information and referrals for financial, educational, career, and support services.

• access a variety of Government of Alberta Forms (i.e.: income support)

Positive Ticketing Program

In cooperation with the local RCMP and Municipal Peace Officers, the positive ticketing program endeavors to increase positive interactions and improved relationships with law enforcement and youth, as well as increased awareness and recognition for the positive contributions youth make within our community.

Small Act (Coming Soon)

Nominate someone for an "Small Act" award to recognize and appreciate acts of kindness. If someone has helped you with your groceries, mowed your lawn, shoveled your snow, or was kind to you, nominating them is a great way to say thank you. A Thank You card will be sent to them and their name will be entered into a quarterly prize draw.

Small Act Nomination Form (Coming Soon)

Money Mentors

The Town of Innisfail will be offering this workshop in the Fall of 2013, to assist residents with financial stability.  Call the FCSS Department for details.

Date: To be determined

Neighborhood Block Party
Why host a block party?

  1. To have fun!! No excuses or reasons are needed to celebrate.
  2. To provide an opportunity to know your neighbours and where they live.
  3. To increase that sense of belonging.

For a limited time only:

Let us know when you are holding a Block Party and receive an incentive kit, which contains T-shirts, Frisbee, Tattoos, Skipping Ropes, Stickers & Cook Books!

Block Party Toolkit

Block Party Application

Neighborhood Approval Request Form

Ideas for a Great Block Party